Radio Xtrim FM

87.3 FM

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Broadcasting worldwide from Kampala, Uganda, this radio station has the purpose to entertain and bring a variety of music to its listeners through a wide range of programs and DJs.

Main Programs

  • Extreme 20
  • Extreme At7
  • Game Day
  • High Grade Sounds Mix
  • Late Nyt Radio
  • Mid Morning Flight
  • My Journey
  • Open For Fun
  • Saturday Breeze
  • Saturday Nyt Jam
  • The Breakfast Club
  • Today News Paper
  • Town Chart
  • Vibes On Vibes

Main DJs

  • RJ Angela Mayer
  • RJ Augsten
  • RJ Danial
  • RJ Jamel Gran
  • RJ John Miller
  • RJ Velda White
  • RJ Walid
  • RJ Walse Elpaso
  • RJ Willy Fahey
  • RJ Zayeed Anwar
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